Elrie Joubert – Bird of Passage


Artist: Elrie Joubert
Title: Bird of Passage
Medium: Monoprint on Fabriano
Paper Size: 20 x 20cm
Print Size: 19 x 18 cm
Year: 2020
Edition: 1
ZAR : R1 400

1 Available

Artwork Synopsis

An interest in the act of collecting and the collector’s tendency to turn the unexceptional into something precious forms the basis of Joubert’s conceptual work. Objects from her personal collection become her subject matter that is used and reworked to reveal something of her personal experiences and sometimes flawed memories.

These reworkings often take form through drawings and printmaking. Her preferred printing techniques are relief printing and etching, but she also regularly produces silkscreens and monoprints as a printmaking lecturer.