Guy Thesen – Health


Artist: Guy Thesen
Title: Health
Medium: Woodcut
Paper Size: 640 x 450mm
Print Size: 430 x 260mm
Year: 2018
Edition: 15
ZAR : R1 700

Artist Statement

The word ‘Love’ has many associated meanings to me including the following, – truthfulness, service, sympathy, compassion, tenderness, kindship, loyalty, restraint, welfare, kindness, understanding, playfulness, joyfulness, gentleness, optimism, tolerance, detachment, reconciliation, health, happiness, goodwill, freedom, perseverance, surrender, prudence, wisdom, reason, friendship, forgiveness, courage, patience, harmlessness, generosity, honesty, self awareness, peace, mercy, charity, vegetarianism, simplicity, silence, self esteem and beauty.

This body of work comprises twenty six images, all inspired by the word ‘love’ and use only two colours in the reduction woodcut process.

The method I used was to first draw as intuitively as possible onto the block and then cut the image into the 6mm ‘supawood’, using general woodcarving tools and finally hand printing onto 330 gm ‘enigma tusk ‘paper at my home studio in Knysna.

Each image has both a bird, which represents ‘love’ and a fish, which symbolize negative elements like fear, hate, jealousy etc. The human form is shown caught in between these two powerful conflicting emotional forces symbolized by the shapes and colours.