Jan Tshikhuthula – Gwedzho ll


Artist: Jan Tshikhuthula
Title: Gwedzho ll
Medium: Linocut
Size: 77.4 x 144cm
Year: 2019
Edition: 10
ZAR : R12 000

7 Available


“This body of work centers on the deep and fragile relationship South Africans have always had with water. The work depicts the literal rural scenes and landscapes of Venda, where my parents were born and where I spent a lot of time in my youth. Apart from the literal depictions, the work also brings to life the emotions at play when a struggle for water is a central part of daily life.

I was born in Tzaneen, but I spent school holidays in Venda when I was young. Most mornings we would wake up early to go and collect water. This was an activity that brought me a lot of joy – it was a game I loved. The journey to the water took us through the forest and the richness and beauty of the landscape was exciting to me as a young boy.

I was, of course, too young to be able to think about the people who lived there permanently. I had no way of knowing what a struggle fetching water was for them. For me, the young child, fetching water was such a common part of the life I knew then I couldn’t see anything unusual about it. “