Kay Fourie – Ciclon


Artist: Kay Fourie
Title: Ciclon
Medium: Oil-based ink Linoprint on Rosapina Fabriano
Paper Size: 36 x 32cm
Print Size: 20 x 20cm
Year: 2020
Edition: 5
ZAR : R1 000


Synopsis of Lockdown Series

Each of these lino prints depicts five different objects: strange abstract objects that are personifications of wind/spirit. Spirit and wind has been intertwined in the human mind for many centuries, because both are equally ‘unseen’. One sees, hears and experiences only the result of its force, not the thing itself.

When the danger of COVID 19 struck South Africa by April 2020, I was working on these strange shapes and sculpted them in paper mache. In the mean time an innocent visitor from Columbia was trapped in the country and on our farm due to Lockdown. Watching him scheming to go back and longing for his loved ones and fighting for his sanity inspired me to ‘lock’ these shapes into imaginary enclosed spaces. Hence the Spanish names for each shape: Aire (Lug), Ciclon (Sikloon), Hurucan (Orkaan), Vortice (Vorteks), Aliento (Asem).