Kay Fourie – F.U.C.K


Artist: Kay Fourie
Title: F.U.C.K
Medium: Oil-based ink Linoprint on Rosapina Fabriano
Paper Size: 45 x 452cm
Print Size: 40 x 40cm
Year: 2012
Edition: A/P
ZAR : R6 000

1 Available

Synopsis of F.U.C.K

The word fuck has its origin in one of the many bloody wars between Scotland and England in which Scotland was leveled with the ground. According to folklore the King of England gave his victorious soldiers orders to take women to their hearts’ content and to raid whatever Scottish belongings were left. The phrase “Fornicating under Command of the King” was coined. Raping and plundering were not a crime, but an act sanctioned by royal order.

Power causing deep damage is not a unique story. It happens all the time to prisoners of war, women, orphans, animals and ordinary citizens in strange circumstances, forests.

Now the vestiges of power have turned its attention to the Karoo and the natural gas that she harbors deep inside her belly. Long shafts and internal damage are needed to find the stuff that is required to keep the global need for energy satisfied. It will take a hundred years to educate each and every one of us to understand what we are losing in the process. Last Frontiers, like the Karoo, with all its magic, quirkiness, never-ending skies and breathtaking nights, are being lost one after the other.