Kay Fourie – Tsunami


Artist: Kay Fourie
Title: Tsunami
Medium: Oil-based ink Linoprint on Rosapina Fabriano
Paper Size: 45 x 61cm
Print Size: 40 x 57cm
Year: 2017
Edition: 12
ZAR : R3 500


Synopsis of Tsunami and Climax

I have been wondering about the wind lately. The wind is an enigma, because as with love, faith and other abstractions, the wind cannot be contained. One sees, hears and experiences only the result of its force, not the wind itself.

In the Karoo, as in many parts of the world, the wind has been used to generate power in the form of wind pumps. The old traditional wind pump is an iconic feature of the Karoo, each having its own quirks. ‘Climax’ depicts a wind pump in action.

Recently, large-scale, sleek and manufactured giant wind turbines have begun to dot this ancient landscape, and their intrusion puzzles me. I have tried to make sense of my response to their visual interference on the land by making prints of these strange images. ‘Tsunami’ depicts the blade of a wind turbine before installation. The scale of these machines is massive and yet they are small in the landscape.