Lebohang Sithole – Bahlankana


Artist: Lebohang Sithole
Title: Bahlankana
Medium: Monoprint
Paper Size: 35 x 50 cm
Print Size: 21.5 x 29.5 cm
Year: 2019
ZAR : R1 750

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Enoch Lebohang Sithole was named after his grandfather, Mfana Enoch Sithole.

“I am told that my grandfather was a musician and a prophet. Ironically, I was born on the same day that he died. Almost everything that my grandfather did during his lifetime is similar to my own life. He is the only person in my family with whom I really feel connected to. My artwork is inspired by the journey travelled by my grandfather, who was a singer and organist for the Amajembe Jazz Band. It is about the fact that one can inherit a gene from a family member and be recognized as that person. When I visit my grandfather’s house, I feel like I have lived there. When I touch my grandfather’s instruments, I feel like I have played them. When I look at his photos, I see myself. Looking at his strength and belief has encouraged me a lot as an artist. My work is dedicated to him.”