Mandie Immelman – Remnant


Artist: Mandie Immelman
Title: Remnant
Medium: Etching
Paper Size: 20 x 50cm
Print Size: 16 x 39cm
Year: 2019
Edition: 3
ZAR : R1 800

2 Available

Synopsis of Artworks

The remains of a honeybee colony were collected and given to me by a close friend. The bees I make use of in various printmaking techniques, come from part of hundreds of bees who followed a queen into a house from which they could not escape. Most of my works focus on the similarities, yet minute differences between dead workers bees and tries to honour them. Looking at these two seemingly ‘anonymous’ entities is reminiscent of the way society treats those who carry the brunt of keeping a country alive. It also reminded me how we as a society depend on the decisions made by the ‘queen’. The multitude of positions South Africans find themselves in speaks to how we in many ways resemble a colony. Each of us are to a degree ‘assigned’ a role based on the context and environment in which we are conceived. Despite levels of privilege and assigned roles, the majority finds themselves replaceable for the good of the ‘hive’. It has however become very clear that without the ‘workers’ the hive has little chance of surviving. They have short, hard lives and are willing to sacrifice themselves for their society. My work pays an inadequate homage to the everyday South African who cannot work from home, who are sacrificing themselves for the good of the hive.