Sharon Sampson – The Pond IV


Artist: Sharon Sampson
Title: The Pond IV
Medium: Multi-layered Monotype Print on 315gsm Archival, Museum quality paper
Size: 26.6cm x 55.5cm
Year: 2021
Edition: 5
ZAR : R2 400

2 Available


This series is a throwback to a water lily and koi series I did in 2006,
which was inspired by a beautiful pond in our garden.
These prints are much smaller than their predecessors and are unique in their own right.

“In this body of work, I have used water lilies as they are symbols of purity, innocence, fertility and new beginnings – and one would be forgiven for being seduced by their beauty.
However, BENEATH THE SURFACE, is quite simply . . . MUD!
Rather than display the lilies as botanical illustrations, I have created an unexpected tension in the works similar to what we may encounter in everyday life.

The technique I have used is Monotype – “The painterly print.” I have tried to create layers of light and colour, movement and texture through the process of wiping, mark-making and layering of ink, often using up to three plates to create one print.
These works are printed on Archival, Museum quality 315 gsm paper.
They are numbered, dated and signed by me.