A three-women exhibition showcasing the works of
Mandie Immelman, Sharon Sampson and Elrie Joubert

26 June – 25 July 2021

Whilst engaging with our surroundings and our environment, our three artists do more than just scratch the surface – they dig deep to reconcile with the unpredictable and in some cases, inequities that are happening all around us.

Immelman, “Conceptually, I am interested in the unseen and the unappreciated, especially as it relates to my environment.” By using bees as an allegory, Immelman feels her work pays an inadequate homage to the everyday South African who cannot work from home, who are sacrificing themselves for the good of the hive.

In Sampson’s conceptual work she creates images through torturing her materials and mark making that investigates and echoes our multifaceted relationship with nature and self
and the intermingling of the two.
“In this body of work, I have used water lilies as they are symbols of purity, innocence, fertility and new beginnings – and one would be forgiven for being seduced by their beauty.
However, BENEATH THE SURFACE, is quite simply . . . MUD!
Rather than display the lilies as botanical illustrations, I have created an unexpected tension in the works similar to what we may encounter in everyday life.

Joubert has an interest in the act of collecting and the collector’s tendency to turn the unexceptional into something precious. This forms the basis of her conceptual work.
“Objects from my personal collection become my subject matter that are used and reworked to reveal something of my personal experiences and sometimes flawed memories.”

Our artists have skilfully indulged in a feast of printmaking techniques which include etchings, linocuts, silkscreen, laser cut woodblock, laser engraving, embossing and
triple layer monotypes.