We are delighted to announce that FAP18 will be taking place at the end of November. The opening night will be on Thursday 22 November, and the fair will run from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 November.

We again have the support of GIBS - without them the fair would not be possible.

Wishing to make FAP18 a positive happening for all, throughout and after FAP17 we noted the exhibitors' experiences and have made some changes to the model of the fair. First, we are changing the exhibiting location - GIBS are giving us their large exhibiting foyer space, and this space is even more professional and appropriate for a visual art fair that features prints. As well, in an attempt to keep costs to exhibitors manageable, we have negotiated a better stand price with a new supplier, despite rising costs.

Another exciting development is that, alongside the Live print fair at GIBS, we will be running an online print fair to launch on the opening night. All live exhibitors will automatically have their own website page - or 'virtual art fair stand' - but more importantly, we are opening up the FAP online print fair exhibiting opportunity at a nominal rate to anyone involved with prints who cannot participate in the live fair. We believe this will be South Africa's first online art fair! The site may be viewed at www.fap-online-fair.com.

We hope that we can count on the support of the print studios, galleries, institutions, and printmaker/artists that make up the South African print community, to make FAP18 - live and online - an even bigger and better celebration of print!