Showcasing etchings by Mario Soares

In Mario’s engaging and distinctly African etchings, narrative, encounters, journeys and migration are pre-eminent. Mario is a skilled draughtsman and fine art printmaker who depicts vibrant city scenes and rural landscapes with resounding energy and passion.

Mario explores what it means to be living away from ‘home’ and the experience of establishing a new home in a foreign place that can be filled with both opportunity and hostility. This limited edition ‘Classic Collection’ may be considered one of Mario’s most emotive bodies of work which he produced between 2016 – 2018 at the renowned Artist Proof Studio where he studied and graduated.

“I work largely on steel plates using the intaglio printmaking process. The hardground and drypoint etching techniques enable me to illustrate my subjects spontaneously and accurately. As a contrast to the loose line, I include aquatints and spit bite etching to create moody effects. My colour palette is very limited and includes black interspersed with hues of blue and umber.”